Welcome to the String Thing Along

Welcome to the String Thing Along
a group blog where we play with our strings of fabric
and post about our progress.

 You can grab the button from your sidebar for your own blog.
Just highlight the html code in the box underneath the button
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using the html gadget in Blogger.

If you'd like to post to this blog,
send me a message at strings[at]mts[dot]net
and I'll send you an invitation.

What's a string? A string is any long piece of fabric that's not necessarily a strip
which means it could be a strip, but it could also be the piece that you cut
when you square off your fabric.

The challenge is to start playing with your strings
to make a project before June 30.
Post your process and final result.
Let's get that string thing going!

Questions? email me at: strings[at]mts[dot]net


Unknown said...

Hi my name is Ruth Reimer i am the mom to Kaitlyn Reimer. First of all let me say a huge thank you to all who where involved with making the Anything Goes Quilt. Yes we have this as the 1st prize. Thanks to Brenda Suderman for thinking of the Katie Cares Foundation we are pleased to show off this beautiful quilt and accept your gift and proud to be able to raffle off this labour of love. I must apologize that the information regarding the quilt is not on the website but within the next day that information will be posted. Once again huge thank you to all involved. Ruth Reimer

Julierose said...

I am stringing along again...lost your blog when my computer went kaflooie--would like to join again...hugs, Julierose