Friday, August 30, 2013

Stringy and scrappy finish

50 by 60 inches
machine pieced and quilted
I think I've posted about this quilt made from strings and little scraps before,
but I finished it this week.
Check out my blog post here to read more.
How are the rest of you doing stringing along?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fractured Diamond in Pink

My granddaughter, who is 4, suggested that I really needed to make a quilt using the pink floral in the above photo. She was adamant that I use as much pink as possible. Since I'm not a pink type of girl, I did manage to find one other scrap of what reads as a solid pink to use as a frame around the gray diamonds. She was pleased with the look so I'm off the hook......LOL

I made this one a couple of years ago using scraps from my black/white stash. I really love the way the red seems to pop out at you. and the small piano key border pulls everything together.

This was the first Fractured Diamond that I made about 4 years ago. I used earth-tones. It amazes me how different each one looks & yet they are the same.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Strings - sort of

The last post of mine was my Pineapple quilt and I have finished a few more blocks, would like to have a few more completed before posting another photo.

I am also working on a quilt for my daughter, not strictly string quilting, but made with 2 1/2" strips, I need to really finish this within a week and start on two string quilts which I have been wanting to make for some time.

Not a brilliant shot but I have a small room for my quilting and just can't get far enough away from the display wall! I have another 28 quarter blocks to make (52 on the wall) then sashing and borders, these blocks already on the wall need trimming and re-arranging so not necessarily the final arrangement.

I have been looking at the String Along block of the month from Material Obsession close off is tomorrow and I need to decide whether to go for it or not, I normally like bright colours but as the info says this quilt has an earthy look to it so I am undecided. A few more hours left to make a decision!!!

We're setting a trend!

I know all of you don't have to be convinced of the value of string quilts.

You already love them, admire them, make them
as we've been stringing along here together.
Seems like the folks in Australia are finally realizing the good thing we have here.
Check out the string along at the Material Obsession website.

Be inspired by their project, but most of all, keep stringing along!