Friday, September 25, 2015

A pressing matter of strings

My guild is putting together 8.5 inch square string blocks in brights
for a group quilt.
The organizer asked for 1.5 inch white strips on the diagonal.
She suggested drawing lines marking where that first strip could go,
but I used my iron instead.
I pressed each of  foundation blocks diagonally,
and then pressed by white strips lengthwise, right sides together
I nested the strip into the valley of the foundation piece
and sewed on the first bright strip.

Here are the 16 I made for the group quilt.
I stupidly trimmed them from the back,
so in some of the blocks the diagonal isn't in the centre.

Hope the rest of you have fun stringing along.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Four basic string quilt styles

I am giving a basic string quilt workshop at my quilt guild in a couple of weeks. In the morning we will look at the basics. My samples are ready. The starter is the top of the picture the light blue centre blocks. The my personal favourite the diamond string block (the black centres), then a two colour, or two value block and finally the sort of a spider web thing.
After lunch I am going to give them some ideas about were to go for inspiration so will definitely be including this blog. So there will be nothing wonky for my workshop but the afternoon inspiration will include some wonky ideas. Thanks to all who share here. Joanne