Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Easy string project on leap day

I spent half an hour on this extra day of 2012
making a string pieced potholder.
Drop by here to see why.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I think I've finally decided....

I haven't posted anything here in quite a while I need a new string piecing project, but I've been having a terrible time deciding on one. So I've spent a little time in EQ7 today, and I think I have it. Now, the challenge here, is to get it done in the time allotted for this blog. June, I think it is. I'm not sure, at this point exactly what colour the backgrounds in the stars will be, except that I want the strong contrast to give the checker board effect. The individual blocks are 15 inches, since I didn't want to be working on too small a scale for the diamonds for the stars. It should be fun.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Amish Strings - the flimsy

The flimsy measures 60" x 72"

You can see several other photos of the flimsy
on my blog and on the UnRuly Quilter blog.

* * *

Thanks, Brenda for this string quilt challenge!!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Heroes Helping Heroes Quilt

Hi everyone!  I've Val from PinkPlease! and Brenda asked me to share my Heroes Helping Heroes quilt with you.  What started out as one quilt block made from scraps and a plea to have some friends help make a few more, has turned into one incredible quilt, full of stories, that is ready to be auctioned off at The Night Under the Stars Gala benefiting the Heroes Foundation on Feb. 25th.

I dragged my Dad (and his camera) over to the railroad tracks by his house to take some fun shots.
(Thanks, Big John!)

Ok, the quilting on this is just amazing!!!!  Tammy Lawson, of Indianapolis, Indiana, home of the Super Bowl, what what, offered to donate her time (4 hours!), her batting, her thread, her long arm quilting machine, and her skills to put this quilt together. Watching her free motion quilt this was mesmerizing!  I can not comprehend how she quilts this without drawing the pattern on the fabric.  If anyone in the Indy area needs long arm quilting services, contact me to get Tammy's info. You will not be disappointed!  She even let me sew on her machine while I waited.  We called it a Sewing Play Date!

Check out this video I took of Tammy in action....

I LOVE the little ribbon block that Charlotte of Lawson and Lotti made. 
It makes a statement without saying a word!


My friends in charge of the auction thought a throw pillow would be a nice addition to the quilt.  I chose 4  blocks that were extras sent in that I thought went nicely together and made this pillow.  I put pink pom poms around the edges and now I don't think I'll ever be able to make another pillow without them.

The silent auction committee thought it would be nice if I would write up a little somethin' somethin' about this quilt to put in the brochure that everyone will receive the night of the Gala.  Here is what is submitted:

When I first became involved with the Heroes Foundation Silent Auction Committee, I knew I wanted to make something special to donate to such a wonderful cause.  Modern Quilting is a passion of mine and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to use my art to raise money for others.  I posted a request on my blog asking my sewing bloggie friends if anyone would be interested in helping me make this quilt. Each person could make one quilt block using their scrap fabric and send it to me with a note telling who their block was in honor of.  I was very nervous that no one would want to help me.  To my surprise, within 48 hours, 45 women had responded that they would like to contribute.  Not only did these women send one block each, but many sent two!  Coming from as far as Australia, the stories behind each block will tug at your heart strings!  Some blocks are in honor of lost parents and spouses, some are in honor of those currently fighting, and one is even in honor of herself, a woman currently going through chemo and radiation.  This quilt has helped me see that cancer does not discriminate.  Everyone all over the world is fighting this ugly disease and the 46 of us hope that we can use this disease as an opportunity to make something beautiful, that will hopefully raise money for those who need it.

~Val Campbell

Blocks have come from: England, Australia, and The United States (Indiana, Illinois, Alabama, Kansas, California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Utah, Florida, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas.)

My Amish String Quilt - An Update

Here are my purple strings - in progress.

I trimmed them to 20" (more or less), saving the cut off ends.

Those end pieces were then stitched together to create more (scrappy) strings.

I used the same approach with the pink strings.

* * *

Come on over to my main blog to see what happened
after the pink strings and the purple strings were 
joined together and trimmed into squares!

You can also see photos in my latest UnRuly Quilter blog post.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Collaboration Quilt

Hiya!  I'm Stacey, a.k.a. Peppermint Pinwheels, and Brenda sweetly asked me to do a little show and tell with my latest quilt.
A baby quilt collaboration

This quilt is actually a collaboration between me and my friend, Jessica Ingram.  We've been working on getting it together for about a year now, and we're so excited that it's almost finished!  We based the design on an improvisational basket-weave pattern that I've been teaching and used both scraps as well as yardage cut into strips.

Thanks for letting me share!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scrap Challenge Block with Strings

Greetings, fellow String Thing Along-ers!
Brenda asked if I would share a link to a scrap block that I made recently for a challenge Sarah was having at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  I am happy to do that!

HERE is the link to my blog post and tutorial about it, where you can read how I was inspired by a chocolate bar wrapper (weird, but true).  We were to create a block using the scrap management system described in Joan Ford's book Cut the Scraps!, which has you cutting your scraps into 5 inch, 3-1/2 inch, and 2 inch squares.  We didn't have to use all the sizes for the challenge.  I used 5 inch and 3-1/2 inch squares for my block, trimming several 5-inch squares into four strings 1-1/4 inches wide.

I have not yet made a whole quilt with this block, but if any of you do, please let me know and share pictures!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine String Quilt

Today I did a post over on my blog, Loose Threads, showing my Valentine String Heart Quilt.  The blocks finish at 8".

Posted by Picasa
This quilt is an extended version of my Heart Table Mat seen in this post.

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Spiderweb and Stars

Hi all,  I'm so glad that Brenda invited me to join you.  Your string quilts are very inspiring!!  String quilts are my absolute favorites, especially the older ones.

Here are two that I'm making based on old beauties in Gwen's Liberated String Quilts book.

This is a combination of "strings" (aka scraps) and strips of yardage.    A work in progress, about half on the wall so far.

I used Gwen's template and measurements in the book for this one.

Monday, February 13, 2012

String Hearts

I made some string hearts in time for Valentine's Day
and for a challenge over at the Modern8Create blog.
They're basically a capital L set on point

Here's the finished mini quilt, measuring 8.5 by 19.5 inches.

And here it is hanging by my front door.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ready to get going!!

I'm more than ready to get going on my latest string quilt!

My strings are ready and waiting . . . 

And these are the backing fabrics.

Now I just need to start stitching!!

* * *

This quilt is also going to be part of Tonya's Liberated Amish 2012 challenge,
so I'll be posting here and there (and on my own blog).

As best I can, there will be different photos on each blog,
just to keep things interesting.

Hope to have progress photos to share soon!


A small pink and blue string quilt

This little quilt is approximately 42 inches square. It used up a number of bits and pieces. The blocks were sewn on 6 1/2" foundations. I explained it a little more on my blog.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Finally an Intro!

Hello, it's P. (as in Paulette) from The Way I Sew It.  I've been enjoying reading the posts here and getting to know a bit about each of you.  I'm happy to be a part of the String Thing-Along too!

I love string quilts, and I've made a couple over the past few years.  The first one I made was for Heartstrings.  I threw everything but the kitchen sink into it!  I sent it to Mary, and she quilted and donated it for me.  I didn't have a blog at that time, but she posted a picture on hers, which can be found here.

A couple years ago, I was inspired by a photo of a vintage quilt and decided to make one like it, a double pinwheel string quilt.  I posted a tutorial for it on my blog, which you can find via that link.  Feel free to check it out sometime (and if you make one, please share a photo!).

Since then, I've bookmarked a lot of string quilts for the bucket list.  Funny how that bucket list just keeps filling up, isn't it?  Recently, I was inspired by another vintage quilt photo in Gwen Marston's Liberated String Quilts book, and that project is what I will be working on for the String Thing-Along.  You can read about how I got started on it here.

The first block that I made was a test, but I liked how it turned out and made it into a wall hanging.  Then I decided I might make one block per month, and by the end of the year I'd have a quilt.  Now that I've joined this group, I may have to kick it into gear and move that plan up a bit!

Here is the block I worked on this week.  I don't have the center added or it appliqued onto a background yet.

The way I've been making them is to make four or five different strata, or layers of strings, trim to 6-1/2 inches, and then use the Easy Dresden ruler to cut the wedges.  

There are 20 wedges in each ring, and by varying the fabrics in the different strata, I can get some interesting scrappy variety.  But I'm trying to keep the color scheme to cream, gray, blue, red, and green.  Might seem strange, but I think it's going to work, and besides, I like all those colors!  I also like to mix vintage fabrics with contemporary, and even throw in some recycled plaid shirts.  I think the eclectic mix adds interest.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my plans and progress with you.  I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone's projects turn out! 

Splitting Myself 3 Ways!

Hi everyone.

Dordogne Quilter, Clare, here.

I've been meaning to post for ages, but we're having severe weather problems and are presently coping with about to burst water pipes, so please forgive my tardiness.

I love string quilts. They speak of so much more than ordinary quilts. All those fabrics in a quilt!

Here's one I did last year which is being auctioned off  for a hospital in the UK to raise funds for the children's ward.

Strawberries & Cream
Mary of Heartstrings fame kindly let me use the Heartstrings pattern.

A Liberated Amish Roman Stripes quilt

S is for Stripes or Strings

And another one, based on Tonya's Lego quilt.

All That Jazz!

For my next project I'm going to combine strings with an Amish style quilt (similar to this one) which is why I'm splitting myself 3 ways as I shall also be posting about it on Tonya's UnRuly Quilters blog and, of course, on my own blog.

I'll post again once I can start sewing again!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

We're really stringing along here!

I'm thrilled by how many of you are stringing along with me.
Over the past two weeks, we've had loads of people sign on as blog authors
and others who are following our blog.

A few housekeeping matters:

1. If you haven't already grabbed the button at the side 
(cut and paste the code and place it into an html gadget in the design feature of your blog),
please do, so we can spread the gospel of strings!
2. Anytime you post here, consider posting at your home blog and linking to here
so all your followers can come find us.
3. Comment, comment, comment. It's no fun to write a post and not receive comments.
4. If you have a method you want to share with us, please do.
I'm linking the tutorials under the tutorial tab at the top of the page as they're posted.

I've loved seeing what you're doing out there in string-land
and I wanted to show you what two quilters in my hometown of Winnipeg
(up here in the great white north)
are making with strings.

This is Em, who I've shared several quilt retreats with
and who is always lots of fun.
She has a great string system going:
she makes the blocks

and her sister Minnie puts them together with sashing.
They layer and tie the tops and then donate the finished blankets/quilts to a relief organization.

I took these photos because I wanted to show you the block they're making here.

Em takes a square foundation fabric and marks the diagonal.
She places pieces perpendicular to the diagonal,
and then covers the raw edge with longer strips along the diagonal.
She says she makes blocks this way to use up smaller bits.

I think this block would also look great without the sashing.

Here's another quilt, this one a square with diagonal strings.
Note the variations in the string widths and the huge variety of fabric.

What other variations have you made on a square string block?
Post some of them here so we can see them.

Coming soon: my adventures in making a string star quilt with narrow strings.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I could resist no longer. I've been reading along as the string blocks have been coming in and I just can't stand it anymore! So...
These are my string blocks so far. My quilt is going to be of plaids. Some recycled from shirts and some from yardage. I'm piecing onto a fabric foundation and my blocks are 8.5". I don't have many actual strings of plaid, so I am creating them as I go.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Retreat strings

I spent most of the retreat working on using up "leaders & enders" in the making of neonatal quilts.  This one used some of the string blocks I brought along.  I tried the method of making HSTs where
1.)y ou layer two squares of fabric, right sides together;
2.) you sew around all four edges;
3.) you cut on both diagonals to make four HSTs.

Well, all four sides of each HST are bias!  Hmm, I'm not sure I'll use this method again.
It really needed that small inner border attached immediately so that it didn't get pulled out of shape on the trip home!
This will need another border before being quilted.


Granny's String Quilt

The above string quilt top and blocks are some that my mother-in-law made probably 12 years ago. I had taught her how to string piece and even though she was failing with her health, she still wanted to keep quilting and stitch her hand embroidery pillows.

When my mother-in-law passed away ten years ago, I found these blocks and more strings and fabric in a plastic shoe box. I have had them stored away thinking one day I would finish this for her. When I saw the String Thing Along blog I wanted to join and show this quilt and more since it's such a fun way to piece.
Here are her strings and fabrics. I sewed four blocks last night and hope to end up with 48 blocks in this quilt. I pressed the strings and began stitching. The blocks are finishing about 8". I am showing more details on my blog at Quilting by Judith. I look forward to seeing many more string quilts here!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Strings from Spain

Hi there!!My name is Rosa and I`m from Spain.I was thinking if write this post in english or spanish.Would you mind if I write in spanish?

My blog is

I love strings and last summer I began sewing my strings blocks and put them in a box.First of all I planned to sew 49 blocks but now I want a big quilt.My block is 15x15cm.

I`m looking forward to being here and share what we`re doing!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ribbon Candy

This is my first post here at Sting Thing Along. I have my our blog Cathy Tomm Quilts. I am another Canadian here on String Thing Along, we have a few. I thought I would introduce myself. I have been quilting non stop for 16 years or so. I once almost bought my our quilt shop but it fell though, maybe a good thing. I worked in a quilt shop for a few years before I bought a long arm. I have been long arm quilting for customers for 13 years. I like to make art quilts and quilts based on traditional patterns. I have been entering quilt shows and gallery shows for more than 10 years but found many of the dead lines and cost hard to keep up with. I do not enter as many as I did. I have been teaching quilting for years and find I enjoy the art and design classes the best. I have a mother, Betty Manuel, to share my love of quilting with. I get to quilt all of her quilts. Last week I got my son to help get started on his new quilt. I also love riding horses and running my dog in Agility (my newest passion).

I have a few quilts on the go with strings but they were not on the wall to take photos this week. I thought I would show you this Very Pink quilt I made a few years back. Ribbon Candy

I take photos of these on the wall before I sew them together, in case I get lost. This is upside down and then when it was complete I like it better the other way. You may find that pink and green are my favourite colours.

Blueberry Nonsense

My name is Julie.
(as in Quiltdivajulie from Me and My Quilts)

When Brenda told me about the String Thing Along,
I immediately thought about one of my UFOs.

You can see some of the pressed and 
ready to trim string piecing above.

And then there were six long columns of stitched strings.

The rest of the photos are in my Friday blog post ~
come on over and see how the flimsy turned out!

* * *

Thanks for getting us started, Brenda.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the different ways we use our strings.