Friday, November 30, 2012


Does this count as a string quilt???  It WAS constructed of random width strips sewn round and round.
Obviously it's a work in progress, but if I show it here I might feel like I should keep going.  I have been really bogged down this fall sewing things I needed to sew rather than things I wanted to sew.  That's going to change now!

This is my third spiral.  I was inspired by the quilts of Kristin Miller, a Canadian quilter.  She doesn't have a blog that I know of, but if you are interested, her website is


Stars and stripes

I haven't posted on this blog for a very long time, keep forgetting to share my string-y stuff! 

I found a bunch of string blocks in a zip lock bag that wanted to be used for something.  I remember making these blocks when I didn't want to do a specific project but I wanted to sew; then I put them in my "parts department," to be used as when inspiration hit.

I wanted to make a full-size quilt but I didn't have quite enough, so I thought - stars and stripes! I made wonky stars and alternated them with the strings.

I like to add variety by alternating background colors!

My layout looked great, here's the finished quilt:

I had it long-arm quilted by a guild member, Bernerdett - she did a wonderful job!
Stars and Stripes is 82x73 and doesn't have a border; I bound it in a medium-dark blue.

You can see more of the creative process on my blog, just search for "string blocks" to pull up the posts!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Smaller scale diamond strings

This is likely my last finish for the year in the strings department. I have one more string quilt sewn together but not yet quilted. This particular quilt is a pink centred green string quilt. Over all size is 27" by 38" so a baby size. The individual foundations that the strings were sewn on were 5" by 7".
Thanks for setting this blog up it has been a great way to look at what people around the world are doing with their strings. Joanne