Saturday, October 19, 2013

String quilts

  How is your week going?I had lots of fun with my strings. I finished and washed the Butterfly String quilt.
I love washed crinkled quilts. The picture below is before I washed it.
Quilt hot out of the dryer.
   I quilted my blue, yellow and green string quilt. I am so happy with how the quilting turned out.
 Blue and yellow scrappy backing.
Happy quilting,

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another version of anything goes

I've had these blocks for several years,
planning to make a red stripe string quilt from it.
But they sat in my drawer for a long time
and at one point, when we were working on the group quilt here
I thought I would incorporate them.
But I found the colours too dull,
and all of you were so generous, I didn't need them.
In fact, I didn't use up some of the blocks I made.
Fast forward to the beginning of October
when life was making me crazy
and I needed to sew something.
I took out these blocks again, sewed them together,
and found some fabric in my stash for the borders.
Now it measures 46 by 60 inches,
big enough for a donation to the children's hospital
or to a young friend needing a bit of comfort.
Since all these blocks were sewn on foundations,
I'm backing it with fleece, but not putting in batting.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Here is my partially string pieced Autumn Winds quilt....the side blocks were my
very first attempt at the "Eye of God" block string work.  I thought it apropos to use for the Change of Seasons.....

(Sorry for the crooked photo--it was windy outside my deck!!)...I used some of my first attempts at hand dying fabric and a whole lot of leafy fabrics which I collected after attending a knitting retreat with a good friend on Killington Mountain; the trees just about shouted with vibrant color that year and they inspired me to make this quilt--the 3rd quilt I ever tried.

Here are a couple more including that wonderful brown grasses fabric. And, that wonderful little blackbird on red (I wish I had more of that one!!)
This quilt took about a year to make; I just was flying by the seat of my pants--
no plan:  make some blocks and see how to fit them together.  I hand-tied it with brown embroidery thread............

Altho' today, I would probably done it differently, I cherish this quilt for the wonderful memories it evokes....hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Inspired by Rayna Gillman

This is the fourth free-form strips project I have made following the two day workshop with Rayna last June.  Still having fun, this one is called "Windows and Door".

Note from Brenda: Rayna Gillman is also a contributor on this blog
and she posted recently here.