Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Another Rayna-Influenced Quilt

No string is too small!  A friend gave me these after she trimmed down a jelly roll (!)

I've played with them on and off since October and I'm finally finished.  I hand appliqued the circles just before quilting.  It is #5 since I took Rayna Gillman's workshop in June and the circles were my way of adding my own twist to the project.  The size is 24 1/2" x 30". 

After some email discussion with Rayna, we believe that the better orientation is this:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

String piecing on batting scraps

Hi! I'm Christina, I blog at A Few Scraps. Brenda asked me to contribute a new idea I posted on my blog over here:

I have a collection of skinny strips of leftover batting, and I know I am not alone. At about 2 inches wide they are too small individually for any little quilted project.  I know I don't have the patience to piece them together to make a larger piece, though I happily do that with bigger pieces to get enough for a quilt top.

But now I have it. I know what to do. I take little fabric scraps and sew-and-flip piece them onto my batting strips!

And then when I have several strips...

I piece those together with one-inch wide strips of fabric.

(here's what that looks like from the back)

And then I have a quilted panel that I could use for pillows or whatnot. I made a table topper.

I hope some of you like this idea for putting your batting scraps to good use!