Monday, March 16, 2015

Boxing up the Strings

 I had started with a tonne of scraps and this doesn't include all the scraps from years gone by. I had wanted to get onto it for quite sometime.
and boxed up the strings into one block. I've got lots of strings!

In this quilt, I am cutting strips from the scraps I have or just using those scraps that were just hanging around.

I start with 5 inch squares of backing and batting. So this little quilt is quilted when each block is squared off with the rotary cutter as seen.

I layer the scrap strips onto the batting with the backing fabric behind. I must do a little tute for this or just go here to watch how the quilt as you go method works. Unfortunately, this is not using the string method, but you'll get the idea.

Have fun, happy quilting,