Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sliced and diced

It's ages since I last posted!
I have had lots of things going on and haven't got back to my Pineapple string quilt just yet but I did have a play a few weeks ago after reading a couple of sections of the book by Rayna Gillman.
I had three 12" blocks left over from my Fractured quilt below

and decided to slice into the first one and see what happened, I enjoyed the process so much I carried on and did the same to the other two

"City Garden"

This shot above was taken while these small pieces were hanging in an exhibition and the hanging system is terrible for textile works, the small rod at the back had to have string tied at the two ends and then hung on a huge picture hook which comes down from a clear tape - can't get the works to hang straight, having said that the one above is cut on an angle at the top and on both sides but the hanging doesn't do it any favours!

The one below was taken at home on my design wall and if you do a zoom you will see two tiny white marks - forgot to remove two white flower head pins!

"Bridge to Nowhere"

Now I need to carry on reading her book and get busy making more quilts!

Friday, March 14, 2014

This is Number 5

Yes, I'm officially addicted.  I have finished five free-form quilts a la Rayna and see more in the future.  Now I have a "selvage stash" AND a separate "skinny strips" stash!

Big news:  I have been asked to be guest artist for the month of April at a local gallery.  All of the free-form quilts will be in attendance!  Yay!