Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Arranging Strings Differently

There are other ways to arrange strings. Lately I've been exploring a few of them with Chinese Coins which are basically columns of narrow strings with or without sashing. Over the summer I made this quilt for my niece .

Pflugerville Coins
It started with small amounts of fabric instead of true scrap strings. The fabrics were paired before they were cut into 8-inch WOF and then hand cut into strings/coins. As the pairs ran out, I inserted some real scraps or the beginning of the next pair to segue from one set to the next. However, the quilt could easily be made of scraps.

Coins are easier for me when I sew smaller sets, like sheets of paper, and only sew the column at the end. You can adjust the seam allowance to straighten out wiggles.

The quilting is basic straight lines with the walking foot across the surface.

Quilting detail on Pflugerville Coins

The sky blues are soft and summery to me. More information on my blog. Also, Rachel posted another Chinese Coins quilt here a few years ago. And Wanda has a glorious version where the Coins/strings are vertical. And Brenda posted a scrappier one here.