Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our quilt is getting media attention!

Thanks again to all of you for participating in this string quilt.
You may recall we donated it to the Katie Cares Foundation.
Katie's mother Ruth was just on a local radio station being interviewed about the foundation,
and she mentioned an upcoming fundraiser, which includes raffling off our quilt.
For the record, it is the first prize, ahead of a pair of Winnipeg Jets hockey tickets.
She thinks it is beautiful -- and I know all of you do too--
and she's thrilled that 20 quilters from around the world made it.

The website doesn't have many details about the quilt
(check under fundraisers)
but there's a link to our blog on the Katie Cares facebook page.

Check that out, and be proud once again of the effort we all made together.
What started as a bit of a joke to prove that string quilts are beautiful
has grown into into a larger piece of good work that could potentially help many sick kids.

Thanks again!

Anyone want to make another quilt?
Let me know in the comments, and I'll issue another string challenge soon.


Jeanneke said...

I'd be pleased to make another four (maybe more) blocks to sew into a string quilt for sick kids. Looking forward to the pattern or directions.
Wonderful news about the string quilt for Katie Cares Foundation.



Quiltdivajulie said...

Count me IN!

P. said...

Heck yeah! I'm in. Very cool that it will be raffled for the fundraiser.

Joanne said...

Why not?! I hope they do well on their fund raiser.

Julianne said...

Absolutely! Lets make a couple more...just let me know!


Sue said...

It's a really nice quilt. I love string quilts.

Rhonda said...

Quilts are a great way to help raise funds for a very worthy cause. I'm willing.

Taos Sunflower said...

It's wonderful, and deserves a lot of great attention. You should all be very proud.

Linda said...

Yes! Count me in.

Jeane said...

Brenda you did a terrific job putting all the blocks together. Proud it is going to raise funds for such a great cause.

Yes, I am ready for another string project.

Ruth Reimer said...

Hi my name is Ruth Reimer I am the mom of Kaitlyn Reimer. First of all let me say a huge thank you to all involved in the making of the Anything Goes Quilt. This quilt is absolutely beautiful. yes it is 1st prize and deserving of this place. I am very proud to show off this generous gift and want too thank Brenda Suderman for thinking of the Katie Cares Foundation. I would like to also apologize for not having the quilt information on our website, this will be rectified shortly. Again thanks for your support in making my daughters dreams for her foundation come to reality. Good luck in your future endeavors. Ruth Reimer

Ginny said...

Yes, glad to help.

Texas JennyWren said...


Ginny said...


Ginny said...