Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another version of anything goes

I've had these blocks for several years,
planning to make a red stripe string quilt from it.
But they sat in my drawer for a long time
and at one point, when we were working on the group quilt here
I thought I would incorporate them.
But I found the colours too dull,
and all of you were so generous, I didn't need them.
In fact, I didn't use up some of the blocks I made.
Fast forward to the beginning of October
when life was making me crazy
and I needed to sew something.
I took out these blocks again, sewed them together,
and found some fabric in my stash for the borders.
Now it measures 46 by 60 inches,
big enough for a donation to the children's hospital
or to a young friend needing a bit of comfort.
Since all these blocks were sewn on foundations,
I'm backing it with fleece, but not putting in batting.


Julierose said...

This is very pretty--I Like the backing with fleece idea--I usually sew on muslin foundations too for string quilts in that pattern...hugs, Julierose

Jeanne said...

Nice! I need to get started on another string project!
Jeanne :)

Rosa said...

It`s gorgeous!

Ann Brooks said...

What a lovely quilt put to good use.This is a great example for all of us: old blocks can still look good when finished. They are certainly more useful finished than left in the UFO box! Congratulations.