Monday, July 14, 2014

Here and There

Introducing Here and There,
the finally-finished second string quilt from last year.

That's the Mississippi River in the background.

(Photos taken at Mud Island River Park in Memphis)

This is the other string quilt named Moving Right Along.

It was gifted to an expectant grandmother earlier this year.
(Her first granddaughter is due this month)


There are more strings in the near future!!



Terri said...

Love this string quilt... fun setting.
I walked across the Mississippi River in 1995. We visited it at the source (Lake Itaska) where it is only about 3 ft. wide. You can wade across it there. - One of my most bragged about accomplishments! - Lol

Mystic Quilter said...

Love your Here and There quilt and the setting beside the Mississippi, there is something special about scrappy string quilts, your Moving Right Along looks stunning set on the wall there.

Scrapatches said...

Bright and pretty. I really like the effect of the black and white stripe ... :) Pat

Ann Brooks said...

They are both so delightful! The black & white center strip is a great choice.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Nice finish--I need to find my big girl bloomers and try a string quilt

Julierose said...

This is really a pretty quilt. I love those "every once in a while" bubblegum pinks! I just love string quilts....hugs, Julierose

Carol E. said...

Both are so pretty!! I am going to copy your idea and photograph a quilt or two near the Mississippi River... but in MN instead of TN. I should have taken a quilt with me when I went to Itasca in June! (Hi, Terri.. glad you enjoyed walking across the source. I often take visitors there because it's so unique.)