Friday, January 8, 2016

Hello, fellow string thing alongers!
A reader emailed me yesterday to join us here at this blog.
Now I can't find the email in my inbox or my deleted folder.

Please send me your message again
because we would love to have you.
My apologies for being a techno-idiot.

This photo is from two years ago,,
but I thought I'd include it to show the vertical variation
of Wanda's quilt below.

Keep stringing along!


Maggy Shefield said...

Cool quilt! Like such colorful ones. My friend from says he has almost the same one at home. He's a lucky one, cause his mother sews quilts.

Minoru Saito said...

Hi! Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Jeanna said...

I like this variation also.

Ann said...

What a great idea to show two variations of the same style. Love them both.