Tuesday, January 31, 2012

G'Day from Australia

Hi everyone. My name is Shay and I live in Australia. We’re that huge country at the bottom of the earth where people talk funny and eat Vegemite. My little piece of blogland is called Quilting in My Pyjamas and I’d love for you to pop over and visit sometime.

I’ve been in love with string quilts since I started quilting around 4 years ago and I’ve made at least one every year since.  There’s something very satisfying about making a quilt from scraps and the possibilities with string quilts are endless. It’s like getting a quilt for free! And I love that you don’t quite know how a string quilt will really look like until you put it all together and stand back to admire your work.

This is my all time  favourite string quilt . It gets dragged around the house, dumped on my bed in winter and snuggled under with my grandson , Little P .

That’s Mordecai is who is the self appointed  quilt inspector in my house. I also have two dogs the size of horses who like to help  by charging over the top of laid out quilt tops that I'm auditioning before I sew them together.

I’ve been collecting selvages for a few years and last year I decided I had enough to at least start a quilt in 2012.  A string quilt seemed like a perfect plan ! I put a shout out on my blog because you can never have enough selvages and strings  and people from all over the world contributed selvages to the cause. As selvages started arriving I couldn’t help myself and I started making blocks between other projects.

The current state of play :

I have about 30 blocks finished (ok -some still need to be trimmed up )  and I need 144. It looks like I better get cracking!

I’m looking forward to being part of this group and seeing what you’re all doing. And if you want to try Vegemite please let me know....


Rosa said...

Your strings blocks are wonderful!

Rosa said...

Me again.Whis is Vegemite?

Brenda said...

I like both sets of string blocks. Your selvage one is going to be really great. I wished you lived closer so I could send you my selvages, but I won't be mailing them to Australia from Canada!

Joanne said...

Your selvedge quilt is going to be a stunner. We had some vegemite when we visited Australia in 2007. We had 5 weeks and feel like we barely scratched the surface. Did not get to the west coast at all. Joanne

Cathy said...

I like your strings, and your selvages, and the way you have them laid out.

Sara said...

I have been saving selvages also. Now I finally got them all in one place and am starting to cut them into 6.5" lengths.

Hope mine end up looking as good as yours!

P. said...

As you know, I am already an admirer of your selvage blocks. That's going to be a wonderful string quilt.

If Vegemite is gluten free and has some nutritional value, like protein, I may just be curious enough to try it. ;)