Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ready for Strings!

After I signed up for the String Along, I was in my Orphan Box and found I already HAVE a pile of string blocks.  They were even labelled: "41 neutral string blocks that will finish 8 inches".

Clearly I need to now work with my COLORED strings.

I am going on a retreat next week, so that is one project I should organize to take with me.



Richard Healey said...

It is nice to find a project half finished.

Brenda said...

I like the idea of colour-coordinated string blocks. I'm thinking you could make some coloured ones without lights and get a pattern going. I've seen some hearts out there and I'm going to post a link.
btw: I have a drawer of about 45 string blocks as well -- not quite enough to make a quilt, but now I'm going to push to get them done.

Shay said...

Hi Sara.

I have about 20 string blocks lurking round here which is why I joined up. I love the idea of putting like colours with like in blocks. I usually just put my hand out and whatever I touch goes on next.

Looking forward to following your progress.