Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Strung Out - The Cowboy Way

Just when I thought I'd never get to sew again (family health issues), I found myself out in the old sewing studio with an idea in my head and western fabric spread everywhere. In other words, this quilt is going to have strips of my cowboy/western fabrics in it.  This type of quilt is a great way to get rid of use some of those hard-to-know-what-to-do-with fabrics.
I found some scraps of muslin, an old cardboard folder and started the ball rolling.
First, I made a template from my cardboard. Really, I just cut out an elongated triangle. Then I cut another one about a fourth larger. 

Next, I traced the smaller triangle to one corner of each piece of muslin using a mechanical  which measures 8 1/2 inches square.  This will work with any size you choose. 

Now, with this stage, I had to do a small bit of trial and error. That's the reason I'm pointing to the "BACKSIDE" of the fabric. In order for your elongated triangle to fit properly on the muslin (OMG, did I almost ruin a FQ on this one...LOL) one must..... must cut from the wrong side of the fabric. So there is no mistake of the wrong angle. 
So, if you are going to try this, please take the time to cut all the triangles from the wrong side.

This is how it will look when you're done.
Oooops! I didn't have a photo of the rectangle that I cut before I cut it in half on the diagonal. Sorry, but just imagine those two triangles back together.

Now comes a bit of instant gratification.  
Put a dab of fabric glue on muslin then place fabric triangle right side up over the pencil mark and press to hold in place.

This is a view of 4 blocks, not sewing together by any means, to demonstrate what the quilt is going to look like towards the center of the joined blocks.
My next step will be to give these blocks a little pop by adding the first strip which will be a black 1 1/2 inch strip doing to sew, flip and press method we quilters know so well.
I'm also planning to do a secondary design but that a surprise for later.  In other words, I haven't figured that out yet... LOL
I am so excited to be sewing again.

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Lori R said...

Looks like fun already - GO FOR IT! I'm inspired. Isn't it funny that the great string pieced ideas just keep coming and coming and coming...