Tuesday, June 17, 2014


My pieced-on-paper strings and strips are morphing into this...the blocks are 18" (4 with two-sided borders--then sewn together in pairs and pairs again).  I have enough to do 3 more blocks and will need to "string-up"                                      { (;--))) }
enough for two more after this.

A closer looksee at all those scrappy strings and strippies.....can you find "Santa Claus" up there--
It has turned out to be a sort of "I Spy" String quilt because of all the novelty fabrics.

Here are the next two laid out on my cutting table ..................hmmmm no beach today!!

As I close my sewing room door I take a last glimpse from the side,,,, more on my   blog
Yes, I think I like them like this...hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse


Rhonda said...

Love the blocks, especially the size. Great job!!

Ann Brooks said...

Such interesting blocks and so different that the sea glass. I like the consistency of yellow strips on two outer sides of each block. Good idea.

Julierose said...

Thanks Ann and Rhonda--I just realized that your comments won't show on my email (Big DUH!!) I appreciate your comments and I think that I will get it out again and put it together--it's growing on me....hugs, Julierose