Monday, October 5, 2015

Joining String Quilt Blocks

You know I love Sujata's book Cultural Fusion. And as I've been working on various UFO's and writing my new book on crazy quilting, I used the Hourglass left blocks from Burkley's Baby Quilt.

These photos are of the start of a freeform quilt that will be machine quilted and assembled with QAYG methods.

So while this is not a 'traditional' string quilt, I think that Sujata will applaud my bold experimental style, using her left over Hourglass Blocks from Burkley's Baby Quilt in this new piece, I think they kind of liven up the strings.

I used these little blocks for a tutorial on how I join prequilted blocks to form a finished quilt.

Plus, I'm writing up a series on E-Book Publishing if anyone is interested in learning how its going for me and my new book on crazy quilting.

Pop over to Good Earth Quilting to read about my journey as an e-book publisher.
Happy Quilting!

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MadHappyCrafter said...

I love the experimental quilt you are making. So refreshing and alive. The blocks look great with the strings!