Sunday, May 20, 2012

Christmas Diamonds

Good morning all. 
 I just wanted to stop in and show you the first string quilt I made.  Two years ago I saw a post from Diane Wilson at MQR (sorry I can't find her post to link to) showing a drawing of a quilt that she was going to make. 

  I knew right away that I had to try it so I contacted her.  There is no 'pattern' except for her drawing so I kinda drafted my own pattern in the block size I wanted to use and set about cutting strips out of these fabrics.   Plus I used a small dark brown strip to separate the two colors.   I decide to use some really old ugly fabric for the 7"x10" foundations.

Once I had half of the blocks made I started putting them on the design wall as I made the other half.  Notice that the colors had to be reversed to complete the diamond shape.  I had to keep reminding myself of this little fact as I sewed the strips.  lol
  [BTW... a lot of those lighter strips were replaced by darker strips in the final quilt].  

 I knew I only wanted to make a small snuggle quilt so once I finished the blocks I needed.... I started to design the borders.  I went to EQ and played with different ideas until I finally chose this border using this block.  When these are sewn together it continues the diamond theme. 
As you can see I made a small dark stop border to frame the center blocks...  and then   added two small borders on both sides of the border diamonds.  I wanted them to seem to float along the border and I think I've achieved that effect. 
Here is a picture of the finished top.  It has been quilted and snuggled under these last two Christmas's. 

I can sure see this pattern made in many different color arrangements.  And I may just do that one day.   I have a lot more foundations ready to go and a LOT more ugly fabric waiting to be used.  ;0)

Have a great day....


Anonymous said...

Oh Linda,
Your quilt is gorgeous! I like the color choice~ It makes the quilt bold and really nice! ♥♥♥

Linda said...


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Linda said...

Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

pink daisy said...

This is great, I dont see any ugly fabrics here! The dark strip separating the complementary colors makes it all work. Good job.