Monday, May 14, 2012

Strings, strings, and more strings

I wish I could tell you this was a string quilt
but it is made from carefully cut curves.
The maker, Agnes Ryckman, made it with her mother
and her daughter machine quilted it.

I've been wondering if bias cut strips would also work
I saw this quilt at some local shows in the last few weeks.

I took this picture of a string quilt with a light centre
just to show you how one simple element can unify the whole quilt.

Here's the piano key border with the attached explanation.
Double click to read it.

Meanwhile, I got blocks in the mail from Cheryl, Paulette, and Carol.
Thanks to all of you, and thanks to Carol for the extra fabric she tucked into the envelope.
I made two blocks this morning, so I think my count must be close to 60 now.
Any more blocks in the mail right now?

I'm hoping to get it together before we wrap things up
at the String Thing Along blog at the end of June.
Thanks to all of you for playing along with me.
I've had fun!

Note: We don't have to wrap things up permanently in June,
but we started with a deadline, and I'm willing to honor it.
But we can continue, maybe with a short summer break,
if my blog authors and followers want to do that.
Just let me know.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Honestly, I hate that the String Thing Along might go away . . . obviously a LOT of us love string quilts (I have a couple more in the works).

feltfree på Åsly said...

Its a beauty. I wish i could make such a beautiful quilt

Rosa said...

It`s wonderful!!

Lori R said...

As a late joiner, I would really like the string quilt community to continue! I have another string quilt in the works and one in my brain and then you show us the totally cool curved strings just to tease us .....

Nifty Quilts said...

I've been enjoying this blog. I hope it can keep going!

Dorothy Matheson said...

I very much enjoy each of the e-mails I get with this blog in them. I do hope it continues. I also make string block quilts. They are favorites of mine.