Monday, February 6, 2012

Granny's String Quilt

The above string quilt top and blocks are some that my mother-in-law made probably 12 years ago. I had taught her how to string piece and even though she was failing with her health, she still wanted to keep quilting and stitch her hand embroidery pillows.

When my mother-in-law passed away ten years ago, I found these blocks and more strings and fabric in a plastic shoe box. I have had them stored away thinking one day I would finish this for her. When I saw the String Thing Along blog I wanted to join and show this quilt and more since it's such a fun way to piece.
Here are her strings and fabrics. I sewed four blocks last night and hope to end up with 48 blocks in this quilt. I pressed the strings and began stitching. The blocks are finishing about 8". I am showing more details on my blog at Quilting by Judith. I look forward to seeing many more string quilts here!


Joanne said...

How lovely. This will be a project laden with sentimental value too. Your steps and detail on your blog were very clear. Joanne

P. said...

That is such a sweet idea to finish the quilt in your mother-in-law's memory. I still think of my late mother whenever I use the strings and scraps I inherited from her. May the process of making this quilt renew many good memories.