Friday, February 3, 2012

Ribbon Candy

This is my first post here at Sting Thing Along. I have my our blog Cathy Tomm Quilts. I am another Canadian here on String Thing Along, we have a few. I thought I would introduce myself. I have been quilting non stop for 16 years or so. I once almost bought my our quilt shop but it fell though, maybe a good thing. I worked in a quilt shop for a few years before I bought a long arm. I have been long arm quilting for customers for 13 years. I like to make art quilts and quilts based on traditional patterns. I have been entering quilt shows and gallery shows for more than 10 years but found many of the dead lines and cost hard to keep up with. I do not enter as many as I did. I have been teaching quilting for years and find I enjoy the art and design classes the best. I have a mother, Betty Manuel, to share my love of quilting with. I get to quilt all of her quilts. Last week I got my son to help get started on his new quilt. I also love riding horses and running my dog in Agility (my newest passion).

I have a few quilts on the go with strings but they were not on the wall to take photos this week. I thought I would show you this Very Pink quilt I made a few years back. Ribbon Candy

I take photos of these on the wall before I sew them together, in case I get lost. This is upside down and then when it was complete I like it better the other way. You may find that pink and green are my favourite colours.


Brenda said...

fun quilt!

Ellen said...

Great idea to take a photo of the layout on the design wall first. I find I often get lost and sew things the wrong way around!