Thursday, April 26, 2012

Any more challenge blocks coming?

Our challenge quilt is growing, with a total of 33 blocks.
Yesterday, I received Paulette's three blocks,
and they're playing nicely with the others on the wall.
Anyone else still sending blocks?
I'd like a minimum of 36 to make a  48 inch square,
but I was hoping to get this close to single size (60 by 80).
I've been making blocks from my stash, but my strings are getting depleted.
If anyone still wants to join in and make an 8.5 inch block
on an 8 inch foundation, leave a comment.
Thanks to all of you for playing along.


Nifty Quilts said...

This really looks great! You've proven that anything goes!

Finn said...

Hi Brenda, sorry to be such a slow poke. Crawl seems to be my normal speed these days.
I do have one block for you, and will get that into the mail today..I promise!

Terri said...

Can the foundation be paper? Are there any other criteria? I'm just now finishing the first of 2 deadline quilts, but I sure could sprout an 8.5 for fun.

P. said...

I'd be happy to whip out a few more this weekend.

Carol E. said...

I wonder if you have some that fell under a table... I don't see mine in that picture. I sent two. would be happy to do more.

Carol E. said...

Oops, i looked more carefully and saw my two. But I can make a couple more. Off to the sewing room right now...

Jeane said...

I will send you another one or two on Monday. I love how the varied sizes of black strips are giving the whole project a very "arty" look. I still have your address.

Jeanneke said...

I'd love to make a (couple of) block(s)!
Would you please send me an e-mail with more details about rules or criteria?


Jeanneke, Dokkum, The Netherlands.

Julianne K said...

I'd like to make a few blocks also...please send me your info too. Heres my email, I dont know if I am a "no reply" blogger and if I am , I have tried to fix it to no avail..Thanks!