Friday, April 6, 2012


That was fun! I had no idea my strings were so skinny, or that it would take so many to fill up an 8.5" foundation square. Here's my block before I trimmed it:

And here it is after:

I can see where this would be yet another great way to keep chain piecing between the seams of other blocks, as long as you had foundations and strings handy. I believe I'm going to have to cut up some more muslin or cheap flannels from my stash to make more foundation blocks! Thanks Brenda!

Magpie Sue


Brenda said...

it's fabulous! I love, love, love scrappy, so I'm having fun seeing all the string blocks. gotta go make some too!

rubyslipperz said...



Carol E. said...

Your uglies are cute.

Finn said...

I agree with Carol, Sue, your strings are just plain cute!! Over the past year or so, I've used recycled flannel for foundation blocks. It's a great way to use pajama backs and old receiving blankets. Most of the lint and stuff is all washed out and they are just soft, soft, soft. And they don't add even as much bulk as muslin.

Nathaly said...

tout en couleur !!! I like :)