Saturday, April 14, 2012

More frugal stringy goodness.....

This snuggle size string quilt was a 'playtime with scraps' project. Friend Betsy gave me the leftovers(mostly strings and strips) from her DDs graduation quilt. It's flannel, lattice and all.

I added bits from my flannel scraps and pieced these 6.5" blocks. No foundation, just sewed to each other as I picked them out. When the flannel ran out, I was finished! I added the lattice and tied the quilt. As often happens, make a quilt, and a need for one appears.

Friends of my DD were able to bring this darling red headed 3 yr. home to be their forever child. The quilt seemed perfect for him, and the purpose for making it came full circle.

Scraps, orphan blocks and adopted children are very, very dear to my heart. I have had all of them in my life since 1967 with the arrival our first adoption, of course.


Carol E. said...

beautiful quilt, beautiful child

Dorothy Matheson said...

Just wonderful. I also made two quilts from flannel scraps a friend gave me after she made pj bottoms for her grand kids. I made the two flannel quilts from the scraps. Then a step granddaughter visited with her two children and there was a need for two soft flannel quilts for the great grand kids.
Perfect fit just like for your quilt.

Magpie Sue said...

Fabulous! I've just been thinking about my flannel scraps... thinking that foundation piecing them could be a good idea for getting them used up!