Monday, April 16, 2012

Just Like Potato Chips

I couldn't stop with just one! After I'd made this block:

I went through my stash and cut up more foundation squares. Two days later I had this on my design wall:

Now I'm scrounging around for more foundation fabrics and looking at my stash to see what else I can cut up into strings. These appear kind of dark to me; I want to throw in more light and color. Rearranging them will help to distribute the lighter blocks too. This is just how they ended up on the wall as I completed each block. I don't know whether to be grateful that Brenda finally moved me to try out this technique or to bemoan the fact that now I have even more projects I want to make!


Finn said...

it's looking wonderful Sue!! I love what you've done so far. Have fun finding older fabric to sacrifice to the demon foundation blocks! Hugs, Finn
P.S. I was cutting up some really old uglies this a.m. for the same purpose.

Brenda said...

I'll take the gratitude! this is a project you can squeeze between others. how big are they finishing? I think it looks great as it is.

Magpie Sue said...

I just kept on with the 8.5" foundation squares. I didn't realize the foundations could be smaller than the cut block size. Duh. Guess my seams will be a little bulky! (Hope my block doesn't give you too much trouble Brenda.)