Friday, April 6, 2012

Well, maybe there's an ugly one in the mix

I dug into the string box to make a few blocks
for the ugly challenge, outlined here.
I used whatever I had, but I also looked for
oldies and uglies.
I'm thinking some of these aren't so great up close

My centre black strips are various sizes on purpose
since I didn't ask for a specific size,
I thought I'd use a variety

But once the blocks are set together, I'm liking the effect.
Not matchy matchy at all.
Keep them coming!


Finn said...

The blocks look great Brenda! And beyond pretty or ugly, what I find them to be is INTERESTING to look at. Must be that your friends lunch partners aren't "in to" fabric like we are! This is fun!

Bridget said...

Don't you think it's interesting that even when you try to use ugly stuff, the result is pretty? Love it!

Jeane said...

My quilt block is on it's way to you Brenda.